Accreditation Photo/TV White Turf 2017

Important information

  • Accreditation for the 2017 White Turf is strictly reserved for media representatives.
  • Enquiries from appliers without an official press card of a recognised Swiss or international organisation cannot be considered.
  • Inside the White Turf area there are stipulated zones for all photographers and TV staff. Zone assignments are decided by the press office.
  • The accreditation confirmation and the ticket are personal and not transferable.
  • For safety reasons any use of drones on the entire event area is strictly prohibited. The only exception is for the drone used by the official White Turf film production.
  • Please verify your data before sending. Subsequently, together with the confirmation, you will receive a print@home ticket by mail.
  • Please read our Media Guideline, which give complete information concerning the directives and other useful information about your stay at the White Turf.
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For photographers only:

Here you can apply at the same time for an accreditation at the Night Turf.

Night Turf St. Moritz

Under the label ‘Night Turf’, prior to the last White Turf racing Sunday, the Racing Association St. Moritz organizes a thrilling racing event on Friday, 24th February 2017. In the afternoon, esteemed race horses will compete for honour and glory on the frozen lake of St. Moritz. In the twilight and at night, an attractive accompanying programme promises entertainment for everyone.

For further information please visit Night Turf.

§ 15 Photographs and drones use
Accreditation for White Turf only allows the taking of photographs and/or films for the sole purpose of news coverage of White Turf in the media (print and/or online reporting covered by the press). The use of photographs and/or films for advertising purposes as well as in any kind of commercial communication is prohibited.

The use of photographs and/or films of the White Turf event for advertising purposes is exclusive to the White Turf official sponsors. Ambush marketing is not tolerated. Photographs and/or films of the White Turf event are prohibited.

White Turf reserves the right to examine all applications and to decline an accreditation in case of incorrect or improper applications.

May we ask you to contact the press office for any further information:
WOEHRLE PIROLA Marketing und Kommunikation AG
Claudia Grasern-Woehrle, Via Grevas 6c, CH-7500 St. Moritz
Telefon +41 (0)81 834 54 31, Telefax +41 (0)81 834 54 32

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