Accreditation Photo/TV White Turf 2022

Important Information

  • Accreditation for the 2022 White Turf is strictly reserved for media representatives.
  • Please read our Media Guideline, which gives complete information concerning the directives and other useful information about your stay at the White Turf.
  • Enquiries from appliers without an official press card of a recognised Swiss or international organisation cannot be considered.
  • Inside the White Turf area there are stipulated zones for all photographers and TV staff. Zone assignments are decided by the press office.
  • The ticket is personal and not transferable.
  • For safety reasons any use of drones on the entire event area is strictly prohibited. The only exception is the official drone with an infrared camera which is used to guarantee the safety of the racetrack.
  • After sending your data, the press office will contact you by e-mail.
  • Please fill in all boxes.


Swiss and international television broadcasters, production and Internet companies must inform the media office if they wish to make their own on-site recordings. If material from the official race films is to be used, a licence must be obtained with the corresponding licence fees and conditions. The Press Office will forward any licence enquiries after consulting the media representative.