Terms & Conditions

1 Validity

These general terms and conditions are valid for natural as well as for legal persons (companies). All orders are executed exclusively based on these general terms and conditions. Deviations from these general terms and conditions are only allowed in writing.

2 Access to and presence in the event area

The visitor accepts these general terms and conditions through the acquisition of an admission ticket or the reception of an accreditation. The organiser’s surveillance and security services will carry out security and admission inspections at all official entrances, as well as inside and throughout the event area, for the entire duration of the event. Admission tickets and accreditation forms will be checked at the organiser’s official box office and may be exchanged for a control bracelet. The admission ticket, the accreditation or the possible control bracelet grant admission to the event in the enclosed area. The control bracelet must be worn on the wrist at all times. Damaged or separate control bracelets as well as damaged accreditation forms or admission tickets, will not be accepted. Lost or damaged control bracelets, accreditation forms and admission tickets will not be replaced.
Bringing beverages of all kinds (in particular alcoholic beverages), pyrotechnic and dangerous objects such as arms of all kinds (hereafter referred to as: prohibited articles) to the event is prohibited! Persons who

  • refuse a search by the surveillance or the security services of their person or of receptacles brought along
  • carry prohibited articles and refuse to dispose of them
  • distribute without authorization advertising materials, flyers and/or advertising articles in the event area
  • do not follow the instructions of the surveillance and the security services, and become abusive or violent with them
  • instigate quarrels
  • are under the influence of drugs or excessively under the influence of alcohol, admission to the event area

will be refused or they will be expelled from the enclosed area.

3 Protection of minors

For children and young people under the age of 16, the consumption of alcohol and drinks containing spirits is strictly prohibited! For young people under the age of 18, the consumption of spirits and drinks with spirits (alcoholic mixed drinks) is strictly prohibited! If the age is not absolutely certain to be beyond the legal limits, an official ID document must be presented to the surveillance and security services.

4 Competence of the surveillance and security services

The employees of the surveillance and the security services are authorized to:

  • search any person for prohibited items who wants to gain admission to or is in the vent area
  • check receptacles for compliance with the regulations and to dispose of them
  • establish the identity of persons who infringe the general terms and conditions, or disobey the instructions of the surveillance and the security services

The instructions of the surveillance and the security services to maintain order and security must be followed promptly. Failure to comply with or an abuse of the access authorization will be punished and the person expelled from the event area.

5 Damage

Any damage or dirtying in the event area and to the facilities must be avoided, with special care taken to preserve nature. Waste must be disposed of in a waste station. If there is any infringement of these rules the organiser’s security services can expel visitors from the event site.

6 Admission ticket purchase

The admission ticket purchase becomes effective with the payment of the admission ticket’s price. The visitor accepts the general terms and conditions with his payment.All prices include legal value added tax. The purchase of admission tickets for resale (trade) is prohibited in general. Admission tickets should be purchases only by means of channels announced by the organiser!

7 Sending of admission tickets

After payment, admission tickets will be sent to the client’s address by the organiser until 10 days prior to the first planned race event. In the case of late order and payment the admission ticket can be personally collected at the organiser’s box office.

8 Event risk

Admission tickets are valid for a pre-determined date. The races are open-air events. Therefore, a change of programme, postponement, or cancellation can be considered as typical risks.

9 Race cancellation / race insurance

The visitor takes note that the event can be cancelled for reasons mentioned in the above §8, and at any time for reasons beyond the control of the organiser. In the case of the cancellation of entire race event or parts of it, the following rules are applied:

  • In the case of cancellations on the race Sunday in question until 10.30 a.m., the admission tickets will be refunded by the organiser/advance booking office.
  • In the case of partial or complete cancellations after 10.30 a.m. on the race Sunday in question, no refund of the admission ticket value will be made, regardless of the cancellation cause (weather conditions, force majeure, cancellation by the competition jury, associations, authorities etc.).

If there is a reason for the refund of the value of admission tickets according to the above rules, the admission tickets in question must be sent by registered mail to the organiser within 30 days from the cancellation date, including the details of the bank account (IBAN, BIC). The refund will be made within 30 days after reception of the admission tickets by the organiser.

10 No Shows

If the admission tickets are not used for other faults than those in relation with the organiser, there is no right to a refund.

11 Damage compensation

The organiser is not reliable for possible costs arising for visitors/accredited journalists, in relation to a possible race cancellation or race postponement (damage compensation such as travel costs, food and drinks, accommodation etc.).

12 Liability disclaimer

The stay on and around the racecourse takes place on the ticket purchaser’s own risk. The racecourse is liable for whatever legal reason, only for damages caused by wilful intent or gross negligence by itself, its legal representatives or agents, except if essential contractual obligations are violated. Except in the case of deliberate failure to meet essential contractual obligations, the reliability of the racecourse is limited to the replacement of the foreseeable damage typical of the contract concerned.

13 Data protection

Visitor’s data necessary for the execution of the orders, are stored electronically by the organiser. These data are subject to data protection. They are used by the organiser for his own ends and are not passed on to third parties.

14 Other

The ineffectiveness of single or several conditions of these general terms and conditions do not affect the effectiveness of the other conditions. Such an ineffective condition must always be replaced by one that is the closest possible to the economic sense of the ineffective one. The organiser’s general terms and conditions of business are integral parts of the contract concluded by purchasing an admission ticket.

15 Photographs and drones use

Accreditation for White Turf only allows the taking of photographs and/or films for the sole purpose of news coverage of White Turf in the media (print and/or online reporting covered by the press). Swiss-Image is in charge of taking official race photographs. The photographs are published on www.swiss-image.ch immediately after each race. The use of photographs and/or films for advertising purposes as well as in any kind of commercial communication is prohibited. The use of photographs and/or films of the White Turf event for advertising purposes is exclusive to the White Turf official sponsors. Ambush marketing is not tolerated. Photographs and/or films of the White Turf event are prohibited to be offered to third parties for any commercial communication purpose or use.

For safety reasons any use of drones on the entire event area is strictly prohibited. The only exception is the official drone with an infrared camera which is used to guarantee the safety of the racetrack.

16 Place of jurisdiction

The place of performance and exclusive place of jurisdiction are the event venue.

St. Moritz Racing Association – White Turf
Via dal Bagn 20, CH-7500 St. Moritz
phone +41 81 833 84 60
e-mail info@whiteturf.ch