Family Days

All eyes on the next generation

No less spectacular than the White Turf Racing Days are the White Turf Family Days. When the young up-and-coming athletes dare to cross the perfectly prepared racing straight, some spectators forget that we are on a frozen lake…

pony racing

White Turf actively promotes young talent in horse racing with the family days held for the first time in 2022

The pictures speak for themselves when the brave girls and boys compete against each other in the disciplines of gallop, trot and mounted skikjöring in front of a fantastic mountain backdrop.


A folk festival for the whole family on the frozen lake of St. Moritz

In addition to the exciting pony races, there is much more on offer on the lake. Visitors of all ages can spend their time in the event area, with pony rides or in the gastronomy area with numerous culinary offers. As a highlight, we already offer mounted skikjöring-taxi rides for the little ones.


Trotting races have been held on the frozen lake of St. Moritz from the beginning.

Light Norwegian sledges were utilized at that time, since conventional wheels, as used on sand and grass, could not be considered for the snow and ice surface. Nowadays, the sulkies are fitted with aluminium blades, in order to make them as light as possible for the horses‘ special gait around the track.


Mask you granite

Jean- François Johner

Laurence Kindler

On Zee Lake

White Turf is not only about races, it is also a social event. The lake becomes the setting and a meeting point for all race lovers.

Locals and holidaymakers savour the flair and the ambiance of the magnificent Alpine surroundings. The sponsors appreciate White Turf as an excellent platform for their customers and guests. In other words, White Turf is simply a quality event not to be missed.

White Turf