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In the middle of the frozen lake of St. Moritz

Take a lake of 765,000 sq.m. with a depth of 44m, and ice of 40 to 80 cm thickness, plus constructions weighing more than 3,000 tons. At the sight of the exciting events on the perfectly prepared race track and during the varied, colourful accompanying programme in the event area of 130,000 sq.m., with its gigantic tent city, more than one visitor forgets that the White Turf takes place on a "natural basis"!


The images of skikjöring which circulate around the world every year are responsible for White Turf‘s great renown.

Spectacularly beautiful scenes are shown on all continents when the daring men take on the 2,700 m (1.68-mile) course behind their speedy horses - usually under a clear blue sky in splendid winter weather conditions - in the alpine countryside covered with deep snow.

gallop race

Since 1911, precious thoroughbreds have been competing on the frozen lake of St. Moritz.

The last discipline to join the horseraces of St. Moritz were the gallop races, a long time after the Skikjöring and the trotting races had been established. It is not easy to determine, which of the slightly nervous horses can best cope with the unusual surface. They must be calme and nevertheless show a fighting spirit.

Trotting races

Trotting races have been held on the frozen lake of St. Moritz from the beginning.

Light Norwegian sledges were utilized at that time, since conventional wheels, as used on sand and grass, could not be considered for the snow and ice surface. Nowadays, the sulkies are fitted with aluminium blades, in order to make them as light as possible for the horses‘ special gait around the track.


Mask you granite

Jean- François Johner

Laurence Kindler

White Magic World

White Turf is not only about races, it is also a social event. The lake becomes the setting and a meeting point for all race lovers.

Locals and holidaymakers savour the flair and the ambiance of the magnificent Alpine surroundings. The sponsors appreciate White Turf as an excellent platform for their customers and guests. In other words, White Turf is simply a quality event not to be missed.

White Turf







Tino Conrad

I have been a member of the racing club for over sixty years, forty-five of which I was actively involved. No wonder - we have had horses in our family for as long as I can remember.


Jürgen Sendel

Star photographer Jürgen Sendel has cult status with prominent personalities throughout the world. At White Turf he is seen as one of the family.