Racing Professionals


Accommodation for stable staff

The youth hostel is within walking distance to the stables.

The Hotel Sonne is also close to the stables and offers budget rooms.

Another hotel within walking distance of the stables. Studios can also be rented.


Important Information concerning racing in Switzerland

To all trainers who are racing the 1st time with a horse in Switzerland and a reminder to all others.

Below mentioned documents have to be send to the racing office until the declaration to run (by fax or e-mail). If the receipt of these documents is later than the declaration to run, a duty of CHF 100.-/document will be charged!

  • RCN (Racing Clearance Notification – to be asked at your racing organisation for all horses registered in UK)
  • Coggins-Test, with a negative result, which shouldn’t be older than 30 days. Calculated as of the running date.
  • Confirmation of UELN# and Microchip# of the horse

According to the international Agreement regarding the mandatory vaccinations, all horses need to have the first two initial vaccinations against Equine influenza at intervals of not less than 3 weeks and no longer than 3 months (21 to 92 days). A third vaccination is due after the second one between 5 to 7 months (150 to 215 days). The booster vaccines should be executed at intervals of no more than 12 months (365 days). Shorter sequences are possible and recommended.

Tools for horses
Tethering of tongue is prohibited!

For a smooth procedure at customs the following documents have to be provided to customs clerk:
  • Passport of the horse
  • Health certificate TRACES or Annex II
  • ATA Carnet (international customs document that permits the tax-free and duty-free temporary export and import – to be asked at the International Chamber of Commerce)

Customs opening hours:
Vorausgesetzt dass Ihr Carnet ATA bereits eröffnet wurde!

Geneva: 24h/24 – daily
Basel: 24h/24 – daily
Kreuzlingen freeway: 24h/24 – daily
Au: 24h/24 – daily
Please don’t forget to stamp the ATA Carnet at both customs (abroad and Switzerland) for outward journey and return journey!