Have a bet - get more from the racing!

How do I find out more?

Our race card contains detailed information about the individual horses and their chances of winning («Favourites», «Outsiders»).
Current odds are displayed on the monitors for a win bet and are constantly updated. You can therefore clearly see the Toto-Favourites from the odds. In contrast, for place bets, the amounts bet are stated per horse.

Bet or wager

All bets have a basic price (minimum basic stake) of 2.00 Swiss francs.

How do I place a bet at the betting window?

You must state the following in this order:

  • Type of bet
  • The starting number(s) of the selected horse(s) - (not the names)
  • The amount you wish to put down per bet (minimum basic stake of 2.00 Swiss francs or a multiple thereof)
(So for example: ‘win forecast bet on two horses - No. 2 and No. 5, for 10 Swiss francs per horse.’)

When betting on a later race, please first state the number of the race.
Otherwise the bet is valid for the next race.

The individual types of bet


Win bet (gagnant)

You bet on 1 horse
You win if your horse comes in first.

  • Example: Win bet, No. 2 and No. 4 at 10 Swiss francs
  • You ask to place ‘a win bet of 10 Francs on horse No. 2 and horse No. 4’. This will cost 20 Swiss francs.

Place bet (placés)

You bet on 1 horse
You win if your horse comes in first, second or third.
(In races with ields of four to seven horses as per this race card, if the horse comes in first or second.)

  • Insider-Tipps Double your stake and put down both a win bet and a place bet on the same horse. If the horse wins you win the odds for the win as well as the place odds. If you bet on several horses (combining favourites with outsiders) or if you bet several times the basic bet this can be lucrative – especially with a win bet).
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Win forecast bet (couplé gagnant)

You bet on 2 horses
You win if your horses come in first and second. Here the finishing order doesn’t matter, except in races with four to seven runners, then you have to put the two horses in the ‘right’ order.

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Place forecast (couplé place)

You bet on 2 horses
You win if your horses finish in the first three places. There are three diferent sets of odds when paying out winnings: 1st + 2nd, 1st + 3rd and 2nd + 3rd respectively and in any order. This type of bet can be placed in races with eight or more horses.


Trio betting – (also known as trifecta, tricast, tiercé)

You bet on 3 horses
You win if your three horses finish in the first three places in the right order. If no trio bet is placed predicting the correct order you win with the first and second place pre-dictions (1st + 2nd + x) ; if this prediction isn’t made, you win by predicting first place (1st + x + x).

  • Tips Play the trio bet (and the win forecast bet in a race with four to seven horses) as a “combined bet”. Then you have the guarantee of not only having bet on the right horses, but in the right order too. Why not bet on several horses (win forecast three or more, trio bet four or more) and put bets on one or two outsiders into the mix? Com-bined bets using forecasts and trio bets: In a trio bet (and a win forecast in races with four to seven horses) the correct finishing order is needed. If you bet on horses 4–11–2, for example, then the horses have to finish in this order. If you place a combined bet, then you are betting on all six possible outcomes: 4–11–2; 4–2–11; 11–2–4 etc. Given a basic/minimum bet of 2 Swiss francs this will cost 12.00 Swiss francs.
  • Other betting possibilities: Combine your favourites with a selection of other starters (‘basic-horses’ with reduced field) or with all the other starters in the race (the entire field).

Signs, symbols and abbreviations

The following abbreviations are used in relation to the starters in individual races:

Horse Jockey Form curve
Gallop Age, colour, sex, origin
Owner, Trainer
Fury (Skl)
10j br W (Blitz - Jolly Jumper)
Stall Newton - Jim Newton
Jim Newton-4
2c rtlc [11] 3j 1 4 aghj
CH: 30 St. 3 Siege 14 Pl.
Horse Jockey Form curve
Trotting Age, colour, sex, origin
Owner, Trainer
Black Beauty* (DP)
8j br H (Mr. Ed - Esperanza)
Stall Dreamer - Vicky Solis
Am. Vicky Solis
Reihe 1
1 5 0m [11] 9 0 3 1 dG
227'538 CHF / 1:12,3
CH: 64 St. 21 Siege 37 Pl.
Colour (Horse): br = brown, dbr = dark brown, F = chestnut, sw = black, Sch = grey
Gender: H = stallion, W = gelding, St = mare
* (asterisk after name) = domestic (horse of Swiss breeding)
Horse racing: (H) (H in brackets after the name) = half-breed
Horse racing: Skl = blinkers, S.B. = Australian blinkers (oeillères australiennes)
Trot: D4 = barefoot, DA = unshod front, DP = unshod back
Am. = Amateur (all others are professional)
A minus number after the name of jockey = jockey licence (Horse racing only)
2nd number to the right of the forward slash by the weight (61/62.5) = jockey’s over-weight
Number (1, 2, 3 etc.) = Rank (most recent result on left)
Non-finishing: agh = pulled up, agb = left track, rtl = riderless, gef = fell, dis = disqualified
Additional terms - trot: uG = impure gait, dG = disqualified (excessive gallop)
The letter after rank/result = Discipline
Horse racing: no letter = Flat, h = Hurdles, j = Hunt c = Cross, s = Skikjörin
Trotting: no letter = Sulky race, m = monté/mounted
Number in square brackets [11] -> Separator between two seasons
GAG = Handicap mark (only in flat racing)
Record = fastest kilometre time (trotting only)
Underlined: Results achieved abroad

You’ve won – Congratulations!!

Your winnings will be paid out after the speaker announces the odds. The odds indicate the winnings per Swiss franc bet. The odds for a horse go higher, the fewer the number of bets placed on that horse. Multiply your bet by the odds and you know how much you will receive as a pay-out.
When you collect your winnings you can place your bet for the next race and your win-nings will be added automatically.

Deduction of capital gains tax for odds of over 500:1 Swiss francs.

Anyone who has a claim to winnings of over 1000 Swiss francs on a bet (2 Swiss francs basic/minimum bet) is liable to pay capital gains tax in accordance with Swiss Federal Law, Article 6. This means that winning odds of over 500:1 are subject to tax. The tax compo-nent amounting to 35% is deducted directly when winnings are paid out. You will receive a certificate to be used for refund applications (not valid for winners living outside the country).

What you need to know about betting

  • Bet early! Don’t leave it till the last minute to place your bet. About 10 to 15 minutes before a race the rush to the betting window starts. No more bets are taken once the start signal is given.
  • Number of horses in race: Certain types of bets cannot be placed in races with small fields. Minimum number of horses in race according to race card: Win bet: 2, Place bet: 4, Win forecast: 4, Place forecast: 8, Trio bet: 6.
  • Non-starters: The number of starting horses is determined by the number pub-lished in the race card. Non-starters have no influence on making win forecast and place forecast bets or trio bets. Number of quoted odds for place bets: In races with eight or more horses as per race card there are three quoted odds even if fewer than eight horses start the race. On the other hand, in races with four to seven horses there are only odds for two places.
  • Exchanging a placed bet: Generally speaking any betting tickets purchased cannot be exchanged. In exceptional circumstances (e.g. if the content of the bet is wrong) due to the system this is only possible within 5 minutes of purchase.
  • Pay out of winnings: In contrast to Toto / Lotto, where only 50% of bets placed are paid out in winnings, 70% is paid to the winners betting on horses. The minimum odds available are 1.10:1. If the available odds were to be below 1.10 (e.g.: small field, the favourite wins, another favourite is a non-starter), the stakes are paid back. Pay-out (of winnings) is possible up to 30 min. after notification of odds for the final race.
  • Repayment: Bets on non-starters are paid back after the race – after the final result has been announced, except in the case of forecast bets where there are special odds of ‘1-R’ if a non-starter is bet on together with a placed horse.
  • «Dead heat»: If two horses reach the finishing line neck and neck and cannot be separated in a photo finish both horses are given equal first place (ex aequo).