Reto Vanoli

Reto Vanoli is the head of the organising committee of horseraces in Zurich Dielsdorf, racehorse owner, joint owner of the stable community Stall Allegra - and, ever since his early childhood, has been at home on racecourses.

Horses and betting are his great passion

Already as a child, Reto Vanoli could be seen on Swiss racecourses together with his father. His enthusiasm for this sport comes from the unique combination of racecourse ambiance, the thrill of betting and the speed of the horses. For him, betting is inextricably linked with horseracing, “When placing a bet, your visit of the racecourse takes on an emotional dimension. For a few minutes you can feel like the co-owner of a precious horse. This thrill adds to the intensity of the race.”

He also sees the financial aspect of betting for the racing associations, “After all, the organisation of such an event and the maintenance of a racetrack cost a lot of money. For years, the associations have had major problems to break even and are dependent on sponsorship, entrance fees and betting income. Reto Vanoli emphasises, “With each bet, the racetrack visitor is directly supporting the association and thus helps to secure the future of the sporting event.”

When betting, he prefers triple bets, where the first three places must be predicted in the correct order, “Even though direct hits are rare, if you do win, the entire race weekend in St. Moritz is paid for in one fell swoop!”

And what is his personal tip for this year? Reto Vanoli refers to the race programme and the recommendations it contains, as well as to the parade ring where the individual horses can be closely observed. Finally, we manage to persuade him to reveal a hot tip: “I will most probably bet on Jungleboogie, a horse that has already proven its preference for racing on snow.”

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